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specially designed for counting anonymous people using Time of Flight (ToF) technology to collect anonymous depth image data.

It does not depend on ambient lighting to function optimally and therefore able to count in low light or complete darkness. The sensor can be installed on the wall or ceiling to detect any movement beyond the entrance to determine the IN and Out count. The sensor is designed for single door entry. Each device is connected to the 3DCam people counter receivers via wireless network via radio frequency (RF). The received data is then transmitted to the Cam Analytic Manager software for analytical purposes.
People counter for each door

Basic Functions

1.VisitorCounting.Counting ins and outs (measure store performance, data collection for analysis of store performance, measure marketing response).
2.AnonymousCounting.Track the number of people in the facility without infringing on occupants’ privacy by collecting anonymous depth image data, non-intrusive and not capturing anypersonal identity.
3.Real-time Occupancy Tracking.Track the number of visitors in a building at any given time through a smart display with live occupancy update. Alert staff when occupancy limit is breached

  1. Anonymous counting with Time-of-Flight
  2. TechnologyPerforms in low light condition and complete darkness
  3. Single Door Coverage
  4. Bi-directional Counting
  5. Accurate counting for groups of people walking in close proximity.
  6. Accurate counting for people moving at up to 3 meters per second.
  7. Configurable threshold to include or exclude people less than a certain height.
  8. Can be mounted on wall or ceiling.
  9. Can be mounted vertically or horizontally (sideways counting)
  10. 1-year ManufacturerWarranty

Specifically designed for single doors


It also works in complete darkness


Complete Privacy Protection


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